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The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Packaging: How to Create Unboxing Experiences That Go Viral

Influencer packaging is the process of creating and sending custom packages to influencers in order to promote a brand or product. It is a popular way for brands to reach a large audience and generate excitement and engagement around their products through shareable social media content.

When done well, influencer packaging can create unboxing experiences that go viral. When an unboxing experience is done well and visually appealing, it can promote the brand's products in a captivating way.

A few important things to remember:

  • Custom Design

  • Be Creative

  • Stay on Brand

  • Amplify your Product

Custom Influencer Packaging Design for Vans x Anderson Paak Collaboration
Custom Influencer Packaging Design for Vans x Anderson Paak Collaboration


An Introduction to Influencer Packaging:

In today's sharable world, influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways to promote a brand or product. As influencer marketing has gained popularity it has become increasingly difficult to get attention making the unboxing experience paramount to campaign success. When influencers share their unboxing experience with engaging videos and not just a simple photo post, their followers are more likely to listen and take action.

When influencers receive well-designed, engaging, and thoughtful packaging experiences, they are far more likely to share them with their followers in a meaningful way. When they share their unboxing experiences in videos, stories, or TikTok posts, it can create more engaging content that is more impactful to social algorithms increasing the viral buzz around your brand and products.

Custom Influencer Packaging Design
Custom Influencer Packaging Design

How to create influencer packaging that goes viral: Here are the key things you can do to make your influencer packaging stunning and highly effective:

  • Create a premium custom packaging experience - Don't just send influencers a brown box of your products. This may have worked when influencer marketing was in its infancy a few years ago but the stakes are now high and attention is limited. Go big!

  • Be creative - Don't be afraid to think outside the box (no pun intended) when designing your packaging. The more creative you are, the more likely your packaging is to stand out. Think of what makes your brand memorable (color, tactile experience, ingredients, etc.) and amplify across the design. It's important to note that this packaging should look and feel like your brand.

  • Use high-quality and sustainable materials - Influencer packaging is not everyday retail packaging, it will cost more but the stakes are high and this is how to stand out in a noisy marketplace. There are many ways to create a stunning unboxing experience in a more sustainable way like avoiding the use of plastics or foam and using plant-based inks.

  • Showcases the product in an exciting way - Is your product nested in trays or displayed upright? Are there multiple layers or is everything displayed at once? The best product showcase will depend on the product size and shape as well as the number of products included in the box. Most importantly the product display needs to be feasible for manufacturing.

  • Educate about your brand - This is a premier stage to let the recipient know the who, what, and why of your brand. Use bold imagery and key supporting text to deliver this is critical information so that when being shared it comes across as cohesive and on-brand

  • Include a call to action - What do you want the influencer or their audience to do following the reveal? Don't leave them with questions.

  • Personalize it - small things like handwritten notes go a long way and will increase the likelihood the packaging is shared via social media.

  • Make it shareable - One of the most important things is to make it shareable, meaning designing packaging that is visually appealing, educational, and will look good in photos and videos.

🎁 Using this formula you will create a memorable unboxing experience that converts.


Here are a few examples of successful influencer packaging campaigns we've collaborated on.

Custom Influencer Packaging Design for Adidas
Custom Influencer Packaging Design for Adidas

Want to create your own viral influencer packaging? We're here to help.


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