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Packaging Design / Development /  Manufacturing

Services to meet the needs of competitive, demanding, and rapidly evolving industries

Sustainability Audit

Logic provides actionable recommendations to improve the overall sustainability of your packaging. This encompasses an exploration of optimizing, advancing, and developing new packaging form-factors, and raw materials.

Sustainable Design

Logic functions as a knowledge expert in designing packaging that prioritizes eco focused material usage, are realistic to execute and deliver elegant unboxing experiences that make an impact -- both on the bottom line, and the customer’s buying habits.

Packaging Development

Logic guides brands in finding the right balance between costing targets, sustainability initiatives, existing supply chains and established QC protocol, while bringing a new and remarkable unboxing experience to market.


Logic offers a wide range of stable manufacturing solutions for a variety of retail and specialized packaging substrates. This includes emerging sustainable packaging materials.

Committed to Quality

Brands make great products and those products deserve great packaging. 



Logic understands that great product and packaging transcends trends, promotes consumer loyalty, and differentiates from competitors. Packaging design is ultimately responsible for generating a foundational value far beyond the physical product. Our specialized graphic designers and CAD engineers continually set the standard for packaging innovation through progressive design.



Whether you have a full die line tech pack ready for manufacturing or you're choosing between multiple concepts we support brands with strategic development that aligns with their product sales and marketing goals.

During the development phase, we recognize challenges, identify opportunities, define the development road map, and develop assets to create menaingful impact. 



We understand successful manufacturing that supports design directly impacts the bottom line. Through our decades of combined experience, we're able to see the challenges over the horizon and solve them to ensure efficient, on-time manufacturing. 

Our overseas teams support manufacturing from scratch and take it to market, including every step along the way. We have an extensive network of vetted and certified suppliers to accommidate a wide variety of substrates, including emerging sustainable materials, paper, tin, glass, and injection molding.



When looking for sustainable packaging options, knowledge is paramount.

We support brands with insight and education into sustainable substrates options that are compliant with industry standards/regulations, ensure product security, and are stable at scale. 

Furthermore, we support brands by creating strategic road maps to ensure the introduction of sustainable materials doesn't disrupt established product supply chains until a transition is ready to be made.



We are business developers, brand strategists, product developers, and manufacturers driven by a common purpose; to support brands with meaningful impact.

By bringing together leading talent in their respective categories, we are able to produce the finest results; engineering successful business strategies through packaging.

When you partner with Logic you get the whole farm

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