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9 Strategies to Improve Packaging Sustainability

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability isn't a one-size-fits-all concept, and we believe that understanding your unique vision is key to crafting the perfect packaging solutions that align with your brand's mission.

So, what's your vision for sustainable packaging?

1) Material Exploration:

One of the most effective and scalable ways to make packaging sustainable is to use recycled materials also known as “PCR” post-consumer recycled materials.

2) Material Exploration:

Depending on the use of the packaging compostable and biodegradable materials may be a suitable option. For example, some brands are now using compostable packaging made from materials like bamboo and cornstarch.

3) Design for Recyclability:

Designing packaging that is easy to disassemble and sort, and that is made from materials that are widely recyclable.

4) Reduce Packaging:

Reduce the amount of packaging used. This can be done by using smaller packaging sizes, eliminating unnecessary packaging components, and using more efficient packaging designs.

5) Offset Carbon Emissions:

Even the most sustainable packaging will have some environmental impact. To offset this impact, brands can plant trees, invest in renewable energy, or support other environmental initiatives.

6) Water-based Inks + Coatings:

Traditional solvent-based inks and coatings can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, which can contribute to air pollution.

7) Avoid Petro Plastic + Foam when Possible:

The recycling ecosystem for virgin plastics and foam is limited at best. These materials remain in our landfills, waterways, and beaches due to their long-lasting properties.

8) Educate About How to Recycle:

There are over 9,000 different local recycling programs in the United States. Each program has its own unique requirements for what materials are accepted. Educate consumers about how to re

cycle and find the recycling resources available in their area.

9) Reduce Wastage:

Work with a packaging professional to design packaging that can be produced efficiently and use less material. Additionally, to improve accuracy, work with qualified suppliers that have automated assembly lines.


How can we help you bring your sustainability goals to life? We're offering a free sustainability audit, click the button below to begin.


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