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The transition to sustainable packaging can be challenging and feel like the options are limited.

Let us show you a better path forward.

“Logic helped us in delivering a forward-thinking form-factor, that was simultaneously eco-conscious, cost effective, and a success in our retail channels”

Chelsea J.

Brand Owner

What is a Sustainability Audit?


We kick off the process by gaining a deep understanding of your brand's specific sustainability objectives. From there, we craft a tailor-made roadmap, meticulously designed to guarantee the success of your project.

Our sustainability approach isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, because we appreciate that every brand is unique in its goals and aspirations.

It's not just a trend

We embraced the 'clean' movement long before it became a trend. That's why we excel in crafting custom sustainable packaging solutions using a diverse array of natural and clean, high-performance materials. Our products are certified sustainable.

Honesty and transparency

We're experts in personal care brands, and we're particularly proud of our approach to sustainable packaging design. If you're looking to create sustainable packaging for your products, there's a great chance we can assist you. But if we feel we're not the right fit for your specific needs, we'll be transparent about it.

We love emerging brands

We're here to assist both large-scale manufacturing and smaller, emerging brands with their sustainable packaging production needs. Our mission is to contribute to the global effort to make packaging that is safer and more sustainable for everyone.

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