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Packaging Design Blunder: Where Intel Came Up Short

❌ What not to do when launching a new product ⬇️

Are you ready to discover how a simple change can make or break your product's success? 💥

Let's unravel the glaring story behind Intel's product launch packaging.

👀 Take a look at the two images below.

Lack of visual distinction makes the launch of a new product confusing
Lack of visual distinction makes the launch of a new product confusing

Can you spot the difference in under 3 seconds? ❌ Well, most people couldn't, and here's why it matters! 🤔

When launching a new product it is critical for the packaging design to have a distinction from its predecessor. It should tell a compelling story of improvement and innovation.

Picture this: Your product sitting side by side with its predecessor on a retail shelf or online, in this case, the images blend into a chaotic mess of similarity. 😳

Confusion costs sales! 📉

And it gets worse – when credible product reviewers use words like "downgrade" for your new packaging, it's a clear sign that something's amiss. 🙅‍♂️

But hey, there's a light at the end of the tunnel! ✅

In Intel's case, a simple graphics refresh could've worked wonders, creating that much-needed distinction. And imagine the applause from the eco-savvy GenZ crowd (their gamer audience) if they'd switched to sustainable molded paper pulp packaging instead of foam! 🌿

Instead, they left us with a feeling of "more of the same." Don't let this packaging pitfall be your story! 💪

🔥 Ready to master the art of packaging that wows, inspires, and stands out?🔥

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