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KIKI World

100% Plastic-free Packaging

In collaboration with Logic Inc., the secondary packaging system was designed in alignment with the minimalist brand identity, using as little material as possible. As cliche as the saying is, ‘less is more’ is truly the essence of the packaging design.

The final solution was an uncoated paper sleeve printed with soy-based ink securing the wet-press molded paper tray inside. A heavy paper stock was used for the sleeve to protect the pulp tray inside and withstand the stress of fulfillment and transportation. Additionally, the angular design improves durability, reduces transportation emissions with a smaller footprint, and adds a bit of unique style. The packaging also provides versatility in retail environments allowing the product to be displayed vertically or lying flat.


  • Packaging design support

  • Structural design

  • CAD development

  • Technical file creation

  • Prototype development

  • Sustainable material selection

  • Manufacturing

  • Quality control reporting

  • Logistics



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