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Packaging Design / Development /  Manufacturing

Empowering Category Leaders with Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

Logic is a leading packaging manufacturing company dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet all your packaging needs. With a rich history spanning over two decades, we have evolved into a trusted industry partner, catering to diverse sectors such as cosmetics & beauty, wine & spirits, electronics, and more.

Folded cartons

Rigid Boxes

Combination Packaging

Point of Sale Solutions

Sustainable Packaging

Our Custom Capabilities

Manufacturing Sites


• Mexico

• Asia Pacific

• Turkey

• India

Location Matters

Logic has established a global manufacturing footprint to best serve our clients based on the finished product location and material substrate capabilities.

Consumer Electronics

Beauty & Cosmetic

Wine & Spirit



Fashion & Retail



Seeding Kits

Corporate Gifiting

The categories we work in include


Logic creates a custom solution tailored to our client's needs. Our focus is on structure, design, reliability, sustainability, and integrity at scale.








Our Difference

Client First

At Logic, our clients are our top priority. We advocate for their desires and requirements every step of the way. Our process begins by thoroughly comprehending the objectives and sales and marketing goals our clients aim to achieve. With this foundation, our committed team of business developers, designers, and project managers collaboratively work to ensure the realization of a thriving manufacturing program that aligns with their vision.

Global Team

To facilitate effective communication, offer diverse material options, provide scalable infrastructure, ensure proximity to finished products, and maintain on-the-ground quality control, our team of business developers, project managers, and manufacturing plants are strategically positioned across the globe. This global presence enables us to deliver seamless operations and meet the unique requirements of our clients.

World Class Machinery

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, our factories uphold the highest standards of quality and utilize cutting-edge technology. From high-speed printing capabilities to automated production lines, we are committed to achieving stability at scale. Our mission is to ensure that our manufacturing processes are efficient, reliable, and consistently deliver outstanding results.

Stable Manufacturing

The quality of the final result hinges upon the excellence of the production line responsible for its creation. At Logic, we pride ourselves on our highly qualified production lines, backed by extensive experience in packaging manufacturing. This expertise ensures that every product we deliver meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Committed to Quality

We prioritize quality above all else. Throughout the entire process of design, development, and manufacturing, our dedicated quality control team remains actively involved on the ground. Their unwavering commitment is to ensure that our clients' projects are produced in accordance with specifications and delivered on time, prior to leaving the factory.

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